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BMXTKD t1_j6v1utv wrote

Not to mention, how decentralized the US is. It's even in the country's name. United States. Which means the police force over in bugtussle, missouri, is going to be a lot different than the police force over in Seattle Washington. Even the police force over in bellevue, Washington is going to be different than the police force over in seattle, washington. Even though they are in the same metropolitan area.


Iwasahipsterbefore t1_j6xrgzj wrote

No, they're not. That's the thing. They're not different due to a nationwide effort for the past century or so to homogenize and militarize the U.S police force. Everyone gets put through the same "warrior" training that involves traumatizing new officers by making them watch videos of cops get violently murdered. Nationwide, we cull recruits that score too highly on intake tests. Nationwide, cops are from outside the county or town they work in to help them Other people.

The bare details like "which cop gang do these cops belong to?" Might change, but that's about it.


BMXTKD t1_j6xzql1 wrote

"nationwide, we call recruits that score to highly on intake tests.".

"Nationwide, cops outside the county or town they work in help them"

I can think of many communities where you have to have a four year criminal justice degree, and residency requirements to serve in their communities. The states where they don't have either of those things, is where you find more corrupt police. My state has a four year degree requirement, but not a residency requirement. Before they repealed The residency requirement, cops were actually quite decent.