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Quiet_Dimensions t1_jada58q wrote

Not a doctor here but if there are circulating tumor cells in the bloodstream isn't that pretty late? Isn't that metastasized?


Scope_Dog t1_jae5jps wrote

I think they said it detects the waste from certain cells to identify the cancer.


neophlegm t1_jaeqlet wrote

I feel like they've buried the lede a bit here. Shouldn't this be the headline then? That you can catch them early? I know from relatives that cancer markers in blood are nothing new but getting advance warning like this is a big deal right?


TheAnonFeels t1_jaep2sm wrote

>"The new detection technology has 38,400 chambers capable of isolating and classifying the number of metabolically active tumor cells."
>The SDM can pick out tumor cells through a unique metabolic signature involving waste product lactate.