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warkel OP t1_j6wnwhv wrote

I'm talking like far in the future, where indeed every piece of work created by an AI could be a masterpiece. But there will always be degrees of difference between AI output generated by people who are skillful and those who are not.


Crivos t1_j6wqq8w wrote

Though I think you are right I tend to believe the opposite. I believe human altered text will be noticeably inferior to AI text in a very near future.


warkel OP t1_j6zxm6q wrote

I agree that the most basic AI output could eventually come to surpass even the best human output. After all, the AI can draw upon ALL human writing of all time.

But to say that human altered text would be inferior is to say that the work is so perfect that any alteration would be detractive. On this point, I'm not so sure. Especially since what is "best" is often subjective.

Human alteration could vary the style or feel of the AI's work. Like how we would say Van Gogh and Leonardo Da Vinci are both great artists, but their differences are not on who is better, it's just different styles.