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jaqattack02 t1_j6wr3te wrote

At least as far as WFH goes, I think even currently employees have shown that it is a thing they very much want, the big, and more difficult culture shift is on the employer side.


DisparateDan t1_j6wrxg1 wrote

Yeah, I think that is the point I was trying to make - bringing about a cultural shift in a group, against the perceived interests of the group rather than the group that wants/benefits from the change.

Similarly with UBI - how do you motivate a government to subsidise the cost of living in a widespread way when it's obviously a huge expenditure?


strvgglecity t1_j6y70q2 wrote

By explaining math to them. A population without income dies. If everyone is dead, who is buying the stupid squishmallows and air Jordans?


SuperbHuman t1_j70xiyo wrote

Not everyone is dying. Only the less performant specimens