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Bewaretheicespiders t1_j6yavi5 wrote

>While China leads the world in building new coal plants and accounts for around half of all the coal burned globally each year

Its about the trend. China is increasing its GHG, USA is lowering them. And yes, we should heavily tax imports from China because of this.


strvgglecity t1_j6ybugc wrote

You're completely ignoring my original comment. This is a result of the west offshoring it's factories. That's why they are building coal plants - so they can produce cheap goods for the profits of American owned manufacturers. If we kept production here, all those emissions and power plants would simply be here. There is no longer separation between nations when it comes to use of resources because so much commerce is international. As long as Americans buy things made in China, those emissions are ours too.


mhornberger t1_j6yz86w wrote

> This is a result of the west offshoring it's factories.

This is partly the result of offshoring. Most of China's emissions are for domestic consumption.

And they are installing renewables hand-over fist. Their emissions are still increasing (though they may be very close to plateauing) because their overall demand is increasing still faster than they can install renewables.


Bewaretheicespiders t1_j6ycj4h wrote

Texas being at 30% renewables and growing has nothing to do with offshoring factories. Yes, everyone should stop buying stuff from China, because its a horrible dictatorship destroying the planet. That doesnt erase the domestic progress.


strvgglecity t1_j6yecvh wrote

Can you acknowledge the fact I have repeatedly stated?

This isn't my opinion.

We see that the consumption-based emissions of the US are higher than production: In 2016 the two values were 5.7 billion versus 5.3 billion tonnes – a difference of 8%. This tells us that more CO2 is emitted in the production of the goods that Americans import than in those products Americans export.