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brunogadaleta t1_j6ynika wrote

Truth is we don't yet. With the current state of knowledge, we have to put every effort to slow down our emissions and culture and technology will be needed if we want to avoid gigantic crisis. If capitalism and free market was enough to drive society in the right direction, governents wouldn't be needed and union and strikes wouldn't be needed

But on one hand what we see worldwide is greedy gigantic corporations making huge profits by destroying natural ressources and threatening all kind of regulations. And on the other hand states worker, public education and health system struggling to fulfill their role efficiently for the majority of the populations. So yes, we need to regular more.

Either we anticipate the risks of climate change, either we'll suffer it's effects. And climate change is not the only environmental problem screaming for solution: we should also consider all the others threads in the planetary boundaries like soil use, biodiversity, biogeochemical flows, freshwater use, chemical pollution,..