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fibothinks t1_j6zlcda wrote

No they won't. The idea that people will give up any kind of luxury is just absurd to me. We'll figure out how to live in the tundra and underwater before we live in mushrooms on another planet.


GrandmaPoses t1_j7002pg wrote

The wealthy will make off-planet housing a status symbol. That’s going to require workers, and they’re going to be the ones living in the mushroom shitholes. You won’t see people living on other planets until they can make it luxurious. Like Dubai and those fake-ass islands.


PeakEnvironmental711 t1_j71emj6 wrote

I must disagree. If I had the chance to be the ones starting the colony on Mars, you bet your ass I would give up everything for that. It would suck at first but to think of myself as pioneering for the future of humanity? You bet I would


thisimpetus t1_j722kbb wrote

Well this is just a strawman argument; the article wasn't proposing mass human migration to mars.

Astronauts are people.

Beyond which nothing precludes doing both of those things, nor eventually having sufficient industry on Mars to provide luxury.

Nevermind the possibility of generations raised in less luxury who don't have to give it up because they never had it. I mean honestly I could sit and draft caveats to this comment all morning.


fibothinks t1_j76ffmm wrote

Oh, please do!

It's not a serious argument and doesn't deserve that kind of energy, friend. Do as you please.