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Surur t1_j72ink8 wrote

> Seeing them IS the visceral experience I'm talking about.

I thought you said adding vision won't make a difference? Now seeing is a visceral experience?

> All of this interaction, including the abstract thoughts of it (because thinking itself is cellular activity, neurons are signaling each other to trigger broader associations formed from the total chain of cellular activity those thoughts engaged), together form the "visceral experience."

You are stretching very far now. So thinking is a visceral experience? So AI can now also have visceral experiences?

> "Superhuman performance" is on specific BENCHMARKS only.

The point of a benchmark is to measure things. I am not sure what you are implying. Are you saying it is not super-human in the real world? Who do you think reads the scrawled addresses on your envelopes?

> And please try to give me an abstract concept you think doesn't have any experiences tied to your understanding of it.

Everything you think you know about cells are just things you have been taught. Every single thing. DNA, cell vision, the cytoskeleton, neuro-transmitters, rods and cones etc etc.