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darkmist29 t1_j72o4t3 wrote

That's really interesting! Thanks for giving me something to dive into after work.

I am totally with you on most of this. I agree that current tech is far removed from telling us everything about what we are - we have so much more to learn. I think the years of evolutionary progress has a lot to tell us still about what we have become.

Cells are actually one of the most interesting things ever. Because... to me, there is sort of a guiding force to the universe in just thinking about cell groups in nearly everything. Not just our cells, like skin cells, which are interesting enough - but I've seen some videos online of computer simulations where given a few rules to a simulation, little nodes can group up together and create bigger cells. In time, they come together, they fall apart. Coming together, in the simplest sense, seems important. If you look at the state of life on planet earth, one could hope that we come together instead of falling apart.


ReExperienceUrSenses OP t1_j732ptn wrote

Coming together is how eukaryotes exist in the first place. One bacterium ingested another, and the ingested became the mitochondria. Merging in a symbiotic way expanded the capacity of a single cell. Incredible stuff.