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travistravis t1_ja9uba8 wrote

fast air travel, anyway


hsnoil t1_jaas0ft wrote

You can have fast air travel without it... as long as you don't mind being rail-gunned at multiple times the speed of sound. You won't die as long as the track is long enough to limit gforce, but you may crap your pants


travistravis t1_jabtmzk wrote

Man, if I knew my body could handle the stresses, I'd be willing to deal with shit to get back home (9 hour flight) significantly faster, let alone better for the environment.


StrionicRandom t1_ja9v844 wrote

Are you saying that facetiously? Because a world without air travel would be exhausting to get anywhere in. How does air travel get removed without posing an extreme burden to society and the economy?


FalloutNano t1_jaajekc wrote

Did you not read, or not understand my previous comment? Also, profanity isn’t wanted. Take it elsewhere or don’t reply.


cjeam t1_jac9h6f wrote

80% of the world’s population has never even been on a plane.

Mostly what removing air travel would do is mean rich people have to take more time to go places.