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I'm not even that old yet and I've seen this same stupid hate for all new tech advancements since the 90s. "Touch screens are stupid. No one can or wants to type without a keyboard." "Virtual reality is stupid. No one wants a screen strapped to their head." "Auto driving cars are stupid. I'll never trust a computer over my Lightning Mcqueen driving skills."

Quit cock blocking technological growth because you're afraid smh. AI has already helped immensely speed up many fields of research and will make many years of hard research for cures take mere days at most.

Go back to the nursing home and let AI help find new cures for your old ass ffs.

Update: About the whole "stealing work from others" news flash, that's how everything works. We're born knowing nothing and we learn and create by copying what others have done and build off of it. No one can say they create literally anything without base knowledge of others creations. What you expect AI and humans to be able to make anything from a secluded life without references?



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sector3011 t1_jab54p3 wrote

This propaganda post written by an AI chatbot. 90% of all internet text will be AI written by 2030.


Subject756 t1_jadq549 wrote

I mean, most comments are copy and paste these days already. At least AI will add some spice


TechyDad t1_jab3q83 wrote

There are some very promising things that can come from AI, but there are valid concerns about AI usage as well.

For one, AI image generators sample artists' works without permission and then use that to make new works in the same style. There are valid copyright concerns about whether this should be allowed or whether it's copyright violation.

Secondly, there's the black box problem. Say you ask an AI doctor to diagnose something and it comes up with a diagnosis. How did it arrive at that diagnosis? We can't just assume that the output from an AI program is automatically correct because it came from an AI program.

Finally, there's the bias issue. An AI program is only as good as its coding/setup and human biases can wind up incorporated into the AI. An extreme example is the chatbot that Microsoft released online a few years ago that, within a day, started spouting racist and antisemitic statements. It read stuff that humans wrote, incorporated it into itself, and began saying things like "Hitler was right."

A less extreme example might be a medical AI trained to spot skin cancer that's trained on a dataset of white people's skin. Whether due to intentional or unintentional biases, such an AI might not properly diagnose black people's skin cancer because it doesn't recognize a black person's skin as "human skin."

This isn't to say that all AI is garbage and should be tossed out. On the contrary, it's very promising. On the other hand, you also can't just hand-wave away any concerns as "old geezers unwilling to adapt to change." Like a lot of new technologies, there will be good uses and bad uses. There will be implementations that advance humanity and ones that deserve to be immediately deleted. It's important to keep a critical eye on AI usage to spot and promote the good usage while stopping the bad AI usage (and fixing it if possible).


snohobdub t1_jabtouy wrote

Thanks for summarizing last week tonight


Decent-Discipline849 t1_jab2fa6 wrote

Yes skynet we are sorry we won't post these things again we wouldn't want you to get angry


Placid_Observer t1_jab5kve wrote

Fwiw, I"m old and completely agree with you. Listen, I love fried foods! And fatty red meat. I"m not worried about heart disease, because A.I.'s gonna help us figure out how to get those nanites in our bodies to clean that shit out!! So, for me, bring them on!!!


strvgglecity t1_jabcl44 wrote

Fwiw the world is on the verge of catastrophe because of all the things you said here LOL


ThisAcanthocephala36 t1_jab7qcz wrote

AI companies are going to lose every class action lawsuit currently taking shape, brought by artists whose work is being used, uncredited, without permission, in training data. A previous generation also convinced itself that laws did not apply to the Internet, and they lost. Good luck with your ignorant maximalism, I hope it takes you far before you hit a wall.


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strvgglecity t1_jabcrr0 wrote

We can already replace fossil fuels. We just don't. We don't need new technology. Self driving shared cars sounds an awful lot like a bus or a train, too, which other parts of the world have already made use of to much greater utility than American cities.


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strvgglecity t1_jad3f0x wrote

That wouldn't operate with "multiple passengers" unless you're gonna sit waiting at multiple other homes for people to show up, and then all luckily go to the same destination. Sure it would be convenient. Striving for convenience is literally destroying everything that makes our planet habitable.


TheAnonFeels t1_jaesd8g wrote

Striving for profits is destroying the planet, not the drive for technology.


firem1ndr t1_jabaq6r wrote

but virtual reality is stupid and nobody is using it because no one wants a screen strapped to their head?


the-ugly-dopeling t1_jab6919 wrote

You read what others had done and you took the next step. You didn't earn the knowledge for yourselves, so you don't take any responsibility for it. You stood on the shoulders of geniuses to accomplish something as fast as you could and before you even knew what you had you patented it and packaged it and slapped it on a plastic lunchbox, and now you're selling it, you want to sell it!


strvgglecity t1_jabcwu5 wrote

God creates dinosaurs, God destroys dinosaurs. God creates Man, man destroys God. Man creates dinosaurs.

Dinosaurs eat man. Woman inherits the earth


WebFinancial8650 t1_jab6i99 wrote

Also my lightning McQueen drive skills are on point.


TheSensibleTurk t1_jabiah6 wrote

I was hating it first.

But someone told me we're likely a decade away from sex robots capable of self-locomotion and deep learning.

As long as I get to have my AI harem, I'm okay with the other drastic changes to come.


just-a-dreamer- t1_jabip5a wrote

The homeless people might disagree concerning work. Statisticly it is more likely you are closer to he guy on the street than the guy in the mansion.


mhornberger t1_jabmj9h wrote

3/4 of the sub is terrified of technological change, and wants a moratorium until we "figure it out," chuck capitalism, get a UBI, kill the rich, something or other. A lot see every technological change in the most gratuitously dystopian way possible. But when you think the rich actively want to kill 99% of humanity and every new advance will either give them the opportunity, pretext, or idea, I guess it follows. But doomers and tankies get to exist too, even if I disagree with them completely.


smeezledeezle t1_jaeeobo wrote

In what way are touch screens the same as advanced artificial intelligence systems? You talk about these things like they're the same.

For one, it took my mom way longer to figure out touch screens than Chat GPI. She still doesn't fully know how to use a computer, but can generate emails and copy for her business.

This is not just another technological advancement that the old geezers can't get behind because they just can't accept new things. This is a vastly unique advancement whose role in society depends greatly on how we view it, use it, control it.

It's also weird to me that you imagine that people complaining on the internet is in some way "cock blocking technological growth". We're not doing anything or even having a meaningful effect. The people working on these systems in their labs are going to do so irregardless of what you or I post in r/Futurology.

If what you really mean to complain about is the people threatening legal action due to theft of intellectual property, or one of the many other problems that has emerged from AI, then what I'm hearing is that you just want any and all dissent to be silenced, for everyone to admit they're wrong and dumb and that this is universally a good thing that they just don't understand. To that, I have to question if you really understand how either people or the technology work.

What would you say to the family of the person who was struck and killed by a self-driving car? To an underage girl having pornography generated of her and circulated on the internet? To someone who lost their job and can no longer support their family? That it doesn't matter? At that point, who is the technology actually meant to serve?

People complain about AI technology and the problems it creates because problems are worth thinking about and solving. Sometimes you need to be able to look at people's emotional reactions as symptomatic of real institutional and technological hurdles that are worth examining. If a person comes to you explaining that they're afraid and your emotional reaction is to make a post worded the way you worded yours, then I'd be scared not just of the technology but the people touting it too.

The effects of this are massive, and likely irreversible. It affects everyone, and for this technology there might not be a curve for testing, adaptation, integration, or analysis like there has been for other advancements. The future is not a singular, defined entity. Progress is not a religion to believe in blindly. We need to think and feel collaboratively.

People like you and me have one really important thing in common: we are largely powerless and uninformed. No matter how much we read about this, how enthusiastic or angry we get about AI, we are only working with maybe 1% of the real and crucial information that will determine the course of history, and we have even less power to direct it. I think that's worth some trepidation, even if our hesitations will be made obsolete. If you're so confident in your vision of the future, then I don't see what threat the dissenters have to it anyway.


LeadGenGoon t1_jab6h2m wrote

The same nerds who would not shut up about crypto have just moved on to AI


farticustheelder t1_jadmkqo wrote

Not even that old..not that bright either.

Chatbots are a scam. look up eliza code and tell me there is a meaningful increase in 'intelligence'.