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jfcarr t1_j76nssg wrote

Neither of these jobs will go away any time soon. What will change is the use of AI assist tools to speed up work and improve performance and quality.

For example, when I first started doing software development 35 years ago I had to do a lot more manual work. There were no automated testing tools, syntax hints and code suggestions. As a result, code would have undetected bugs that could be difficult to figure out. Today, I have AI assist programs that let me know if my code might have a potential problem and it can make suggestions on improving a section of code. It isn't always right though but it helps by presenting alternatives.


lebannax OP t1_j76tkm0 wrote

Yes this is what it seems to me too working in the field - more of a ‘coding assist’ rather than being able to do the whole job itself. And as we know from history, greater efficiency doesn’t usually lead to a loss of jobs, just ever increasing productivity


abrandis t1_j7byfow wrote

Software was INHERENTLY simpler 35 years ago, modern tech and tools just means software features & complexity fills the void and does more , and I would argue software today is less reliable and less durable than it was back then...

I agree AI is a productivity tool for most developers, but software is being commoditized with SaaS so in the future AI will just be used to stitch together SaaS and a lot fewer developers will be needed to craft novel system s