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DickieGreenleaf84 t1_j8zzvae wrote

Taxes and public companies. By public I mean people-owned. If part of my UBI is going back into utilities owned by the government, the UBI costs less


Jasrek t1_j901s4o wrote

In a perfect world, you wouldn't need funding or UBI.

Why do you need to pay for food? Because that money goes to the vendor, the transportation, the manufacturer, and the producer, to transfer 'value' to them.

Consider the world as it may potentially be 250-300 years from now. Automation may have advanced to the point where farming is done in hydroponic facilities with no or minimal human presence. Same with mining, transportation, manufacturing, and so forth.

So who would you be paying when you pay for food? For the upkeep of the robots. Who don't buy things, who don't need medical, who won't have kids, who don't take time off, and so forth. And really, if you go farther, there's no reason maintenance on robots can't be done by other robots.


Derp0189 t1_j900l8t wrote

Idk, maybe based on a country's GDP? This would at least incentivize continued growth/progress economically (I would think of this as every citizen as a 'shareholder').


fenton7 t1_j901hbt wrote

This is the right answer. All citizens get 3% of the GDP as a dividend each year. Now the bad news it's only about $3000 a year but still would be game changing. Best way to pay is probably just have the federal reserve cut everyone a check. Mildly dilutive to the dollar.


pete_68 t1_j900qiq wrote

Taxes on the folks who are going to be making lots of money off the AI that puts us out of work.


fordanjairbanks t1_j901dcm wrote

It wouldn’t, a perfect world would lack currency, where all basic needs are already provided for through infrastructure. A stateless, moneyless society is the ideal.


insensitive_waster t1_j901goj wrote

There is no perfect way. When you boil it down, UBI would need very cheap energy, massive automation and extremely high productivity of the people that would continue to work. The only other way is to extract it from those outside of the benefit.


Deadbees t1_j901hlb wrote

Tax robots, everyone has a minimum tax , tax every dollar not just up to 250k, tax road use, tires, tax those that use the environment for personal gain (Almond growers for air pollution and dust pollution and pesticides use,


Sirisian t1_j901toj wrote

Rule 2, 4, political posts are off-topic.


RobbexRobbex t1_j901w78 wrote

I like the idea of a 25% tax on robots based on the human payment cost the replace. That way automation is cheaper than human labour, companies still profit, and the income is used to fund UBI. Reduced costs will also need to reduce product costs, making that 25% tax able to fund the lives of the unemployed.

This would keep going until eventually money just dies.


psychalist t1_j90046p wrote

Step 1. Legalize all drugs 2. Tax drugs 3. Use revenue to fund UBI

As well as 1.elimnate the ability to own more than 3 residences 2. Tax ultra wealthy 3. Eliminate tax loopholes

UBI only works if capitalism is kept in check and social services are in place and properly funded.


panda_vigilante t1_j901c1e wrote

You vastly underestimate how much tax revenue would be generated by taxing recreational drugs


psychalist t1_j901t06 wrote

Its about $15b @10% across the board.

Then there's about $200b from tax evasion.

It's all a drop in the bucket if we're trying to do true UBI.