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undefined7196 t1_jadaujp wrote

Answers? Where is the name!?!? Quit dodging the question. Give me a name, or admit people don't do it. Stop dodging the question.


Iffykindofguy t1_jadb38u wrote

Anyone who isnt in jail for murder rn.


undefined7196 t1_jadbpsb wrote

Are you fucking kidding me? You are not in jail. You never feel lust, greed, self preservation, depression, fear, anger, jealousy? Do I need to restate the question a 20th time?

>Our instincts lead to lust, greed, self preservation, depression, fear, anger, jealousy. Give me a single example of a person who has overcome all of that.

"all of that."

"ALL of that"

Did you read it that time? Understand the question. If your example feels any of those things, it does not answer the question. Jesus fucking christ.


Iffykindofguy t1_jadhkd0 wrote

Youre asking me for someone who didnt give into their instincts. We all do that, every single day of our lives.


undefined7196 t1_jadi7gn wrote

Exactly. Why did this take you so long to admit? I could not have been clearer on my question the 5 times I had to ask it. So we agree, that no one has overcome their instincts right? We agree on that? We have no example of it happening and no valid reason to think it can happen outside of pure hopefulness. Correct?


Iffykindofguy t1_jadj4ij wrote

Are you drunk? What part of that comes off as me agreeing with you? We overcome our instincts every single day. We've been overcoming them ever since society first formed.