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TulpagenicUNISS t1_j9v9t34 wrote

Tesla can’t fix the build quality and recall issues it has on current models they definitely aren’t rolling out a cheap shitbox that “changes the game”.


im_thatoneguy t1_j9wgyvo wrote

I have a shit-quality era Tesla, but all indications are that a new Model 3 or Y off the line from Texas or CA today are as good as any other automaker at this time for assembly quality.

Almost all of the recalls have all been software not due to assembly.* Except for a Model S bolt recall.


TulpagenicUNISS t1_j9xzq5h wrote

There are still body gap issues, interior issues, user systems issues. Tesla ranked among the highest (worst) for quality issues according to JD Power. With problems on over 226 per 100 vehicles. Industry standard is 180. Anecdotally I have never met anyone with a Tesla that was truly happy with the vehicle. Once we are able to get passed the cultish like loyalty they express so as not to have buyers remorse the admit it’s the worst quality car they have ever driven it’s only saving Grace is being a EV.