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PitifulNose t1_j7mlbnj wrote

There are plenty of things on the market right now for human anti aging. metformin is the only FDA approved drug for it and it is starting to get marketed more heavily towards this vs other uses.

David Sinclair has some interesting opinions and studies on human aging and supplements that show legit positive effects.

Then there was that one study out of Israel about the O2 chambers and how it added length to peoples telomeres.

Cool stuff is already here, just not super mainstream yet…


[deleted] t1_j7mlbsg wrote

I think a lot of these guys are talking out of their asses. It’s the Elon Musk effect. I don’t think we will see anti aging anytime in our lifetime or the next.

Who knows maybe the generation after will keep their egos in check enough to actually accomplish stuff.


SlickMcFav0rit3 t1_j7nhem8 wrote

I am a molecular biologist. This guy is cynical, pessimistic, and totally right.

We still don't even know what causes aging, if all aging is the same, etc.


DrinkBen1994 t1_j7mmvp4 wrote

AFAIK, anti-aging science is pretty close to pretty majorly increasing our life-spans if not reversing aging completely. But it will probably cost a lot of money and won't be available to most people for decades.

The best thing you can do right now is probably get regular exercise, eat healthy, and eat in moderate amounts. The more calories you consume (or are required to consume based on your height/weight), the lower your lifespan will be.

Edit: I believe scientists have already cracked a lot of this stuff in mice and so on.


SlickMcFav0rit3 t1_j7njq3j wrote

I am a molecular biologist.

Aging is the ultimate risk factor for a disease or condition that will kill an organism.

Beyond that, there is no consensus on what aging truly is, how it works or what it does at the molecular level. Sure, telomeres get shorter, but it's unclear if that's cause or effect.

There are drugs that might extend lifespan, but how they work, and what the costs are, are unclear.

If it's even possible to get most people over 100 years old, we're decades from a drug/treatment that does it. Immortality would almost certainly require a brain upload into the cloud but is impossible in a human body.


Dumbfounded_dinosaur t1_j7n7kw6 wrote

Aging is one thing, even if it were possible to arrest it the leading cause of death in the US is heart disease followed by cancer. Which are in large part lifestyle diseases.


DaHairyKlingons t1_j7nfgg9 wrote

I guess for me there is a difference between Body Health & Lifespan. If I can live to a decent Lifespan (even if similar to current averages), but have a Younger/Fitter Body for as long as possible then I see that as worthwhile. I believe Tarantulas show not outward signs of aging once they reach adulthood and then one day just pass.


dstrelioff t1_j7niw22 wrote

I mentioned the anti-aging thing and she had a chilling point. This technology is being pushed and will be first available to the rich and global elite, so they can live extended their lives and further push the increase of their wealth and the inequality to the rest of us. No good will come if this.


scpDZA t1_j7njsxy wrote

I wouldn't be surprised if it happened in the next 5 years


Futurology-ModTeam t1_j7nk4s0 wrote

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NVincarnate t1_j7n4ibq wrote

150 years, minimum.

Mostly laws blocking adequate research holding the field back. Figuring out genetic manipulation would yield quicker results but costs too many lives.


DarthDregan t1_j7n5nfq wrote

Probably be some form of it within the next 20 years.

I hope it's in my lifetime. Not because I want to live forever or even slightly longer, but because I know for a fact it'll be something only the 1% can afford (likely for decades) and I want to see if I'm right about it causing a class war. I feel that it'll be the issue that finally causes everyone else to go "fuck that" and do something about the huge inequality happening with everything else.


An-Okay-Alternative t1_j7mo08f wrote

It's hard to say when we've yet to see a breakthrough that can extend human lifespans even slightly beyond its natural limits.

We've treated diseases and ailments but nothing that has made the oldest living people live longer.