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[deleted] t1_j9fu56y wrote



mistborn_feruchemist OP t1_j9fuifs wrote

Shit . I wear glasses myself, i only now realised i can't use vr headsets . Hmmm damn. I was really looking forward to vr but it seems unlikely that it will become better from what u said


Sirisian t1_j9fwc8f wrote

VR headsets have had custom inserts for years now. Also ones like the Quest 2 and such work fine with glasses.


Reffska t1_j9g2bi7 wrote

I just wear them underneath or use contact lenses for "longer" sessions, I have very sensitive eyes, so I had to test through many brand (for free in the glasses-store) and use some drops now and then (evey time I take the headset of for a short break)


RufussSewell t1_j9g66dn wrote

Have you tried contact lenses or is that not an option for you?


sourx7 t1_j9jsd8q wrote

I wish I could use them. I always struggled with my right eye though and anytime it got windy it would bother the hell out of my eyes


kpopera t1_j9gq99x wrote

I saw where things were going when Google introduced their cardboard VR thing a few years ago. Fixed my eyes with Lasik surgery, best decision I've ever made.


shryke12 t1_j9jf7jw wrote

I wear glasses with my valve index no problem. VR is fun today. Beat saber is fucking awesome.