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So there was a lot of hype over Meta last yr but it seems that company didn't live up to its promises. However i hear that other companies like vrchat are doing quite well . So how long before we have virtual reality that is as good and seamless as in Ready Player one? Will basic ones be available by 2030 ? Will it be as good as that by 2045 ? Thank you



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mistborn_feruchemist OP t1_j9fuifs wrote

Shit . I wear glasses myself, i only now realised i can't use vr headsets . Hmmm damn. I was really looking forward to vr but it seems unlikely that it will become better from what u said


Sirisian t1_j9fwc8f wrote

VR headsets have had custom inserts for years now. Also ones like the Quest 2 and such work fine with glasses.


Reffska t1_j9g2bi7 wrote

I just wear them underneath or use contact lenses for "longer" sessions, I have very sensitive eyes, so I had to test through many brand (for free in the glasses-store) and use some drops now and then (evey time I take the headset of for a short break)


RufussSewell t1_j9g66dn wrote

Have you tried contact lenses or is that not an option for you?


sourx7 t1_j9jsd8q wrote

I wish I could use them. I always struggled with my right eye though and anytime it got windy it would bother the hell out of my eyes


kpopera t1_j9gq99x wrote

I saw where things were going when Google introduced their cardboard VR thing a few years ago. Fixed my eyes with Lasik surgery, best decision I've ever made.


shryke12 t1_j9jf7jw wrote

I wear glasses with my valve index no problem. VR is fun today. Beat saber is fucking awesome.


Darlos9D t1_j9fyw74 wrote

Depends on what you mean by "good." If you mean that level of consistent model fidelity and aesthetics, then the answer is "never" and it only takes one look at VR chat to know why. That's the real metaverse, not whatever Facebook is peddling. Given free reign, people will drown you in fursonas and anime girls that never belonged in the same room together. And that's a good thing, it shouldn't be some sterile environment where people are forced to be part of some specific aesthetic.

If by good you mean widely adopted, I think other responses have addressed that.


GeneralSnitch101 t1_j9g9v19 wrote

A game like RPO would require massive amount of processing power and updates would be tough as hell for developers. Maybe more advancements in AI and chips might bring us closer but that’s atleast 4-5 years away.


BendingGhost t1_j9fufvz wrote

Depends on who you ask, we can make predictions all day. Right now tech companies are scrambling to be the first to come out with something that can be integrated into daily life, similar to smartphones. but vr is just too new for it to reach the level of quality seen in fiction anytime soon. I don’t think it’s impossible but it’s gonna be a long time before it reaches that level, no way to pin point an exact year. Even if such technology did come into existence, it would probably be a while before it gets released for the public to use, and even then it’ll most likely be too expensive for the average person.


Mojokojo t1_j9fsyuy wrote

I'd imagine whenever we are ready. We don't have enough people buying VR hardware which makes nobody want to develop for VR. Therefore VR is stagnant due to the consumer. Buy VR and support it if we want it to grow.