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Surur t1_j7vv4gc wrote

> AA's analysis also mentioned that the cheapest way to recharge an electric car is to plug it in at home, which because of the government's energy price cap, could bring down the cost per mile to as low as 7.64 pence.

Good thing most charging is done at home then, right?


Solo-dreamer t1_j7vxoic wrote

I'd be veery skeptical of any info from UK sources right now, our government are very regressive torys and are being supported by equaly backward news outlets, this very well could be true but I'd check and double check any UK sources, it was only a year ago they were trying to bring back coal power and fracking.


REPOST_STRANGLER_V2 t1_j7zikju wrote

How many people have off road parking? Even less have it at their house.


asyrin25 t1_j80t6pb wrote

So I'm curious, let's see.

My car averages about 30mpg times 7.64 pence is 2.29 GBP per gallon which is $2.77 in freedom money.

So $2.77 per gallon. My local corner store is $3.03 right now.

So more or less functionally the same as we pay here in car fuel.


Surur t1_j80txzv wrote

Americans have no idea how good they have it energy-wise.


asyrin25 t1_j813bii wrote

Yeah, my cost per kW h is 11 cents.

Energy is pretty cheap in the US.


socialphobic1 t1_j83upye wrote

What if you live in an apartment?


Surur t1_j83wj2y wrote

Them maybe wait 10 years till the charging network catches up? Most people live in single family homes suitable for chargers.