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just-a-dreamer- t1_j96ldw1 wrote

You should read books about biology then. Didn't pay much attention in school it seems.


meshtron t1_j96lu9d wrote

...says the one who started this with a declaration that human life is older than the earth AS SUPPORT FOR another assertion that aliens can't exist. Yep, I definitely need more schooling to reach your level.


just-a-dreamer- t1_j96nosf wrote

Everybody can be 1 billion years wrong in counting. It happens.


meshtron t1_j96ojvs wrote

You weren't '1 billion years wrong," you were 5 billion years wrong. On a guess of 5 billion years. Discuss with your tree people, they will explain it to you better than I can due to my previously established faulty schooling.


just-a-dreamer- t1_j96p1a5 wrote

Allright, life on earth, where human life is nothing more than an offshot is probably 3.8 billion years old.

Are you happy now.


meshtron t1_j96q8lm wrote

I've been happy the whole time - but you started off wrong, doubled-down on your wrongness, and are continuing to frolic in the pool of your wrongness. No skin offa my nose - just funny to read.

I would offer this small suggestion (that you will completely ignore): learn to shape your language appropriately to your level of knowledge of any given topic. You've made it readily apparent here you have absolutely no idea about any of the things you're discussing or making assertions about here. That is completely fine; that is how we learn and explore. But doing so using your false assertions as a foundation for equally false arguments is stopping you from actually learning anything. It falls well into the old idiom "sometimes it's better to not speak and appear a fool than to speak and remove all doubt." Learn and explore, but (even on the internet) don't expect to meaningfully steer discussion without understanding at least SOME of the context and subject matter. Learn to ask good questions, learn to receive and internalize good answers, learn to research things that you're curious about, and learn not to just perpetually double-down on your own flawed arguments - your life, should you succeed at this - will be better for it.


just-a-dreamer- t1_j96r8nw wrote

I know that I know little. Therefore, when I see that I declared a wrong number, I look it up on Wikipedia and stand corrected.

My doubts about alien life also comes from recollections of podcasts I enjoyed from Ray Kurzweil and Ben Goertzel. Their arguments concerning alien life make sense to me.


meshtron t1_j973ru7 wrote

Fair enough I guess. But the numbers were far from the only problem with your argument(s). Trying to roll back bits and pieces of your statement after the fact to "shift" it closer to being true is not a very efficient or credible way to communicate, AND it prevents you from actually learning the material. You should separate "I know" and "I think" from "I heard" and, in your case, "I think I heard."