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Illuminase t1_j9u2w3l wrote

If our society wasn't structured such that people have to work to live, machines automating away menial jobs would be universally heralded as a good thing. It's a shame we aren't ready for technology like this.


Ok_Math1334 t1_j9vhogr wrote

Every country will need to make drastic changes to their economic systems, some more than others. To ensure that people have their basic needs met in the future, and so that we benefit together from improvements to science and technology.

Whether that transition happens in a matter that is smooth, efficient and ethical, or slow, chaotic and brutal, will depend on how competent the leaders of tomorrow will be.


jejcicodjntbyifid3 t1_j9vpj7e wrote

I feel like the more likely scenario is wars are going to happen, civil or otherwise, and nuclear\bio weapons are going to wipe us out instead

..if we don't destroy our water and food supply before then..

Sadly. It's a shame because automation and AI could be a golden age..

But the more likely scenario is that the elite will hoard the golden age like a bunch of greedy dragons