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Dini24 t1_ja9t28d wrote

or maybe being active is the overall factor in this study?


Tar-eruntalion t1_jac8m9v wrote

newsflash: humans weren't made to waste their whole lives sitting in a cubicle

in other news water is wet


MrDraMr t1_jacvea3 wrote

but is water really wet? or does it just make other things wet? 🤔


spiderborland t1_jad5r6f wrote

The body doesn't have a sense to feel "wet." It's a combination of touch and temperature variance.


frumpyfrog t1_ja8ndg5 wrote

Maybe males with higher testosterone levels are more drawn to more physically demanding jobs?


gitPittted t1_ja9cdqp wrote

Add set of people with office jobs that regularly lift.


nmarano1030 t1_jaangan wrote

Exactly. I know a few big dudes who rock a suit & tie everyday.


ProudApplication5706 t1_ja9hsgl wrote

Maybe, but according to healthline resistance training (aka lifting) has also been proven to increase short and long term testosterone levels. Therefore, tradies are more likely to have those benefits as they lift heavy stuff a lot. Almost like that's what men were naturally meant to do.


Cerulean_IsFancyBlue t1_ja9s1fx wrote

And if you’ve ever had to clean up after (insert favorite target trade here), you know they leave a site like lions leaving a half eaten carcass. Freaking mess.

Let’s say sparkies just for example. :)


[deleted] t1_ja9vp8z wrote



Billysmalltits t1_jaa5co4 wrote

There is an argument to be made that humans evolved doing physical activity and to expect your body to be healthy and function properly without physical activity is ridiculous, yet many people completely ignore it and wonder why they don't feel healthy (specifically mentally). It's not that odd of a statement to make.


PGDW t1_ja9u4eg wrote

>Almost like that's what men were naturally meant to do.

yeah there's a lot of stuff that is 'natural' to do, but also fucking stupid.


10_Virtues t1_ja8zmgi wrote

Nah, I’m drawn to money. I worked office work and now work a trade. Being more physical does increase T-levels.


Cheapskate-DM t1_ja99nrn wrote

No reason it can't be both? People with a higher testosterone baseline might feel dissatisfied more quickly by a sedentary job that lowers their testosterone levels.


noideasleft11 t1_ja8vpnk wrote

Look at you thinking outside of the constructed theory… I’m proud of you!


TheMelv t1_ja9g3tu wrote

The classic correlation =/= causation


HiddenCity t1_ja9dr0n wrote

Are the catcalling construction guys a victim of their jobs increasing their testosterone? If we made a bunch of insurance agents work construction for a year would they start to feel the biological compulsion to yell "why doncha smile?"



Kingofshovits t1_ja93hdu wrote

Only reason I work a demanding physical job is it pays well and nobody else would hire me.


filosoful OP t1_ja8l1gm wrote

A new study from Harvard Medical School researchers at Brigham and Women’s Hospital suggests that men who regularly lift heavy objects at work have higher sperm counts than men whose work is less physically demanding.

The study, published in Human Reproduction, is part of the Environment and Reproductive Health (EARTH) cohort, a clinical study that aims to explore how environmental chemicals and lifestyle choices affect reproductive health.


Treat_Street1993 t1_ja970sr wrote

You ever see the difference between the male Orangutans of Sumatra vs. Borneo? Where food is abundant and the males do not fight, makes tend not to develop the massive face. Where food is scarce and males live solidarity and in competition, they tend to all develop the large leathery cheeks. Scientists claim not to know how it works, but I'm sure it is related to what we see here. Stressing a male body must cause a feedback loop of hormones that strengthens it, even to the point of physical transformation.


Throwmedownthewell0 t1_jabhr5t wrote

The study also showed that a significant proportion of male researchers had lower sperm counts. It concluded there was no correlation and that male researchers are virile actually.


blazinit430 t1_ja9m9xe wrote

Known benefit of strength training = increased testosterone in all genders as it is neccessary to induce muscle and bone repair. If you lift heavy you will naturally have more testosterone.

EDIT: source: I am a Certified Personal Trainer


Fish_823543 t1_jaa81s0 wrote

I’m a shocking twist, regular physical exertion (also known as exercise) has numerous positive health benefits!


Stealth_way t1_ja9hkbf wrote

"Exercisers are healthier people." The press must stop! Amazing!!


PGDW t1_ja9ua5r wrote

This is why evolution will only take our brains to about this far and no further.


Smellthiel t1_jaale4j wrote

It’s almost like being active and fit is directly tied to testosterone and fertility. This is the dumbest article and post I have ever seen


crailface t1_jab5v78 wrote

well after todays bullshit OT i should be procreating quadruplets tonight ......


blakewoolbright t1_ja9st9g wrote

My chiropractor and this study agree that, for my life goals, avoid lifting heavy objects.


potpro t1_jab5bo9 wrote

Is sitting in a chair for 10-12 hours a day considered physically demanding?

If so, I am the peak specimen of Alpha male fertility.


Major_Twang t1_jad4yb9 wrote

One factor will be that men with low testosterone are unlikely to last long in physically demanding jobs, so there will be a strong filtering effect.


FuturologyBot t1_ja8q26b wrote

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A new study from Harvard Medical School researchers at Brigham and Women’s Hospital suggests that men who regularly lift heavy objects at work have higher sperm counts than men whose work is less physically demanding.

The study, published in Human Reproduction, is part of the Environment and Reproductive Health (EARTH) cohort, a clinical study that aims to explore how environmental chemicals and lifestyle choices affect reproductive health.

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peadith t1_ja9ad9e wrote

What if you loaf a lot at work but run to the office and lift regularly? You could always sew on an extra pair of nuts when you get too old. The study may be great but this is article is vague and dum.


1zeewarburton t1_jaa06f7 wrote

Is this because of the physical activity so would going to gym have the equivalent effect?


Trpepper t1_jaa138b wrote

Most people who go to the gym for about an hour 3 times a week. Physically demanding work goes for 8-12 hours 5-6 days a week. If you want to see similar results going to the gym, you basically have to quit your job.


PresentationOk3922 t1_jaaxdyj wrote

I eat like a pig and I’m also a steel worker. I lift stuff I shouldn’t be lifting more then not. My buddy who works in the office goes to the gym 3-5 times a day. I’d prly go to if it wasn’t for marriage and kids. And I look like I’m in better shape. Although he’s more physically active outside on the weekends then I’d care to be. He’s always out playing basketball and biking what not. The weekend is time for me to rest my joints, but we both laugh when we actually go to the gym and I lift more then him. And we’re about the same height and build. That being said I feel like a bag of dog turds compared to him whose way more energetic.


dumb_in_3_languages t1_jaa314b wrote

My guess, and I’m no genius, is that the constant physical activity and exposure to sunlight play a part. Maybe also performing in a (mostly) male team does something too? Like professional sports, military, firefighting crews?


GarrusCalibrates t1_jaa3kbx wrote

More plates, more dates, gentlemen. Lift heavy things.


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valkyria1111 t1_jaasfy0 wrote

Well of course. The active sperm has an evolutionary advantage- it will make a hardier and more resilient offspring.


metalliska t1_jabcze8 wrote

You gotta Hand it to these Job experts; they sure know a buildup and a surge after a Load gets relieved.


Few_Journalist_6961 t1_jabdn1n wrote

It's been known for decades that being active increases sperm count.


Vorpishly t1_jacnvzf wrote

So when do the hibernation trials start? This is the idiocracy timeline after all.


TheSensibleTurk t1_ja999ei wrote

Hopefully if crispr becomes mainstream or easily accessible, it won't matter that much. I'll be banking my sperm at the age of 35, in the event that my future 50 year old self may have dna-damaged sperm or something sue to age as some allege. Then, crispr can iron out the details.


TheBertinator3000 t1_ja9g7oy wrote

TRT already exists, and can boost testosterone levels for people who really don't want to be physically active. I'd recommend the physically active route, personally, but it still exists and works.


OfficerBarbier t1_ja9sfwk wrote

Good luck having enough energy and ability to keep up with toddlers when you’re 55


TheSensibleTurk t1_ja9t5xt wrote

If the nasdaq-100 gives an annualized return of 5-6%, I'll have around 12M USD give or take so I think I'll be hiring full time help for sure.


OfficerBarbier t1_ja9uuvm wrote

I’m talking about all the fun physical play and sports that’ll push your stamina to the limit and make your joints and muscles ache. Just a suggestion, you don’t want to be the weak old dad when your kids want to run, wrestle and climb with you.


TheSensibleTurk t1_ja9wgm7 wrote

It's a sacrifice I have to make to build wealth for then to inherit. Hopefully, by then testosterone replacement therapy will be further perfected.


[deleted] t1_jab4y8k wrote



TheSensibleTurk t1_jab56zi wrote

I add around 3k a month to QQQ so on a good year I beat the market by quite a margin. 2021 was 30% portfolio growth for example. This past year, I still kept adding as the market tumbled, which only helps it in the long run with dollar cost averaging. So 36k a year invested in the most aggressive growth ETF.


DetroitsGoingToWin t1_ja9vhrg wrote

2nd attempt to answer: Physical work will produce testosterone, also consider those in field that require physical activity may be subjected to random drug screenings, which may deter the likelihood of sperm reducing illicit drug use.


Responsible_Shoe_345 t1_ja96rkd wrote

Boys become Men through physical and emotional trials. Weak boys become incels and liberals without trials. Weak life, Weak man. Let's see how many boys are triggered by this fact.