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frumpyfrog t1_ja8ndg5 wrote

Maybe males with higher testosterone levels are more drawn to more physically demanding jobs?


gitPittted t1_ja9cdqp wrote

Add set of people with office jobs that regularly lift.


nmarano1030 t1_jaangan wrote

Exactly. I know a few big dudes who rock a suit & tie everyday.


ProudApplication5706 t1_ja9hsgl wrote

Maybe, but according to healthline resistance training (aka lifting) has also been proven to increase short and long term testosterone levels. Therefore, tradies are more likely to have those benefits as they lift heavy stuff a lot. Almost like that's what men were naturally meant to do.


Cerulean_IsFancyBlue t1_ja9s1fx wrote

And if you’ve ever had to clean up after (insert favorite target trade here), you know they leave a site like lions leaving a half eaten carcass. Freaking mess.

Let’s say sparkies just for example. :)


[deleted] t1_ja9vp8z wrote



Billysmalltits t1_jaa5co4 wrote

There is an argument to be made that humans evolved doing physical activity and to expect your body to be healthy and function properly without physical activity is ridiculous, yet many people completely ignore it and wonder why they don't feel healthy (specifically mentally). It's not that odd of a statement to make.


PGDW t1_ja9u4eg wrote

>Almost like that's what men were naturally meant to do.

yeah there's a lot of stuff that is 'natural' to do, but also fucking stupid.


10_Virtues t1_ja8zmgi wrote

Nah, I’m drawn to money. I worked office work and now work a trade. Being more physical does increase T-levels.


Cheapskate-DM t1_ja99nrn wrote

No reason it can't be both? People with a higher testosterone baseline might feel dissatisfied more quickly by a sedentary job that lowers their testosterone levels.


noideasleft11 t1_ja8vpnk wrote

Look at you thinking outside of the constructed theory… I’m proud of you!


TheMelv t1_ja9g3tu wrote

The classic correlation =/= causation


HiddenCity t1_ja9dr0n wrote

Are the catcalling construction guys a victim of their jobs increasing their testosterone? If we made a bunch of insurance agents work construction for a year would they start to feel the biological compulsion to yell "why doncha smile?"