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Artanthos t1_j80u5gx wrote

I would.

If a simulated version of myself thinks and feels as if it was me, then it is me from its perspective.


Tato7069 t1_j819ex1 wrote

So if you were cloned from your DNA and the clone killed someone, that would be the same as you killing someone, from your perspective?


Artanthos t1_j81beps wrote

No, each version of me would be responsible for their own actions.

To put it another way, if there were 10 copies of me, each would be me from their perspective.

They would each also be unique individuals as they would each begin to diverge from me, and each other, at the moment of their separation.


Tato7069 t1_j81i6cw wrote

So how is that different than the simulation?


Artanthos t1_j8710jo wrote

Simulations, downloading into a biological body, many-world theory.

Choose your scenario.


Tato7069 t1_j871bz7 wrote

In any situation that's still not you... It's a copy of you. Your conscious brain in your current body will never have any awareness of the existence of this copy after you died. It's not a continuation of your consciousness


Artanthos t1_j87387z wrote

It would be from the copies perspective.

And in the many-worlds scenario, it is 100% indisputably you. A near infinite number of you, each diverging from each other.


Tato7069 t1_j8761sx wrote

So again... What's the point in creating a copy that thinks it's you? Wtf do you get out of that?


Artanthos t1_j8bqr9m wrote

Continuation: from the copies perspective they are me and encompass all that I have ever been.

If there are multiple copies then, when I come to a fork in the road, I chose both. No more wondering what happens on the path not chosen.

In more practical terms, in the future there come well be journeys from which there can be no return. I.e., the clones will never have a chance of meeting. Be that separate simulations with no crossover or colony ships headed in different directions. From the copies point of view, each would be the sole version of me.

And point of view is everything.


CaseyTS t1_j81dhz2 wrote

Sharing your DNA would not accomplish that at all. You're thinking of your brain, not your DNA, and a lot of things other than DNA affect the brain in huge ways.


Artanthos t1_j871ot0 wrote

A simple DNA sample would be nothing more than an identical twin with an age difference, not a mental copy.

That’s obviously not the end goal.


Danjou667 t1_j80vz01 wrote

We here in real world cant reach U in other way, u live una a simulation atm...


Artanthos t1_j80ynar wrote

There is no way to prove you don’t live in a simulation or are not a Boltzmann brain.