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Stealthy_Snow_Elf t1_j83mbha wrote

No it’s not the famine that will convince humans, itll be the tens of millions of humans dying while even more flee to the developed nations.

And there’s no guarantee that’s humans will do the right thing even then. I mean look at now, migrants flee to US and EU because of global warming or violence we have reason to believe is exacerbated by global warming.

You can’t fake it, humans need a reality check, even then no promises. They got one on the dangers of fascism and nationalism with the holocaust but in less than a hundred years the lessons are either forgotten or many were never even taught to begin with because the victors had traits of their own that implicated them.

I hope humans do the right thing. But i told myself years ago i would focus on my own plans and not interfere with human beings. There’s like a saying or some idiom that essentially goes: “the actions of the exceptional will cost the lessons of the many.” Basically, if a relative few are the reason a species disaster was avoided and not the collective action of the species, than the species hasn’t actually learned what brought them to failure and, most importantly, they didn’t learn on their own how to fix that failure.

It has the same effect as artificial evolution. In essence your species is no longer alive because it’s fit, but because outliers helped you avoid disasters. And outliers ruin the data