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AdeptusDakkatist t1_j87bmrq wrote

I may be insane, but I genuinely believe that the Bible belt alone would kill more Americans than starvation, homelessness, and poverty. Just my opinion, but I believe that revoking religious tax exemption would in fact lead to war, and in turn far more death.


jdragun2 t1_j87fuac wrote

I think pastors are going to have a harder time using their profit margins to motivate their congregations to war. Also, war with who? How about where? You give way too much credit to America's bible belt.


AdeptusDakkatist t1_j87gkta wrote

War with the federal government. Again, maybe I am giving them too much credit, but if those same pastors would frame "the government" as a satanic force of (expletives for abortion, gay rights, globalization, diversity, etc.).

It would only take a few bad people in a few key positions of influence to take advantage of a bad situation. I hope I'm wrong. I hope I'm wrong, and this is all schizophrenic nonsense, but I would ask you to spend some time on the fringes of Odyssey and Bitchute, and tell me I'm wrong.


hlessi_newt t1_j87fxxw wrote

the bandaid is gonna have to get ripped off eventually.