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SpinCharm OP t1_ja1li4o wrote

True. Is there a word for “mass produced individuality” yet? If not, coin one now, here, for posterity sake. Your 15 minutes awaits!


Maurauderr t1_ja1nmx1 wrote

Why not call it exactly that: Mass produced individuality (or MPI for short)


Menliros t1_ja4se68 wrote

Mass customization is the buzzword for it in marketing. Interesting read, bit depressing at times, but well thought out!


dcoolidge t1_ja1u2ns wrote

Indivolution: evolving from individuality


SpinCharm OP t1_ja1u6n6 wrote

That's a bit compliconvolutated.


brazys t1_ja3at83 wrote

Isn't the creation of AI and the subsequent manipulation of it by humans the penultimate expression of our ability to create?


SpinCharm OP t1_ja3b0cj wrote

I suspect not. It just seems that way right now.


morrisjr1989 t1_ja2u0cc wrote

I think they’ll keep the term “dynamic content”. Unless there’s specific use case when telling someone everything they’re seeing is AI generated, such as car shopping for best prices, which will probably be “smart” (or derivative )something or just say AI generated.


WH1TERAVENs t1_ja2q04y wrote

Noun: unividuality adjective: unividual from universal individuality or for everyone individually. I thought about it in German so the German word would be Unividualität


urmomaisjabbathehutt t1_ja36lxn wrote

is there such thing?

if there is individual isn't mass produced, we have a word for that, "bespoke"

the fact that producing bespoke or even low quantity may became far easier to produce hence able to compete in affordability with mass produced doesn't mean that the objet is "mass produced", it still retain its individuality

I can imagine a future where if the price of manufacturing bespoke thanks to automation goes down automation may allow for local cottage industries serving customers locally

also producing parts for big brands , the brand only dealing with the brand marketing to reach and provide clients, ensure clients request are meet to each particular spec and request as well as as ensuring the QC of the final items produced by the cottages are meet and provide their asociated cottage industries with primary resources

that could help eliminate many of todays far off transport of goods because production being local, allow for manufacturing as needed when needed helping to eliminate overproduction allow for manufacturing to client spec so one person TV, mobile phone or fridge may have different specs or looks than others depending on client request and also may bring local manufacturing comunities


SpinCharm OP t1_ja383qt wrote

I look at it as a new concept - the mass production of distinctiveness. Mass producing individualism.

The very idea strips the person of any real uniqueness. If you are one of countless millions getting something made just for you, by the same company or machine or software, and the other millions are doing the same thing, then just how unique and distinctive are you really going to be? And while it may be individualized, if there really any significant difference between each of those millions?

I think at best, it gives the illusion of individualism. The customer will likely believe, or choose to believe, that theirs is somehow superior. Unique. Tailored. Because in one sense it is. But when you take a step back and look at the larger picture, there’s really nothing unique about any of it.

And that’s where I start feeling disturbed. When millions of people get their validation and affirmations from illusions, then that population is losing control.


Fasobook_HS t1_ja3dj05 wrote

>I think at best, it gives the illusion of individualism
>And that’s where I start feeling disturbed. When millions of people get their validation and affirmations from illusions, then that population is losing control.

This already happens since the first periods of globalization of technology. This was (and is) something that never in the human history occurred. I believe that your thoughts are good and applied over a new wave of changes, but this is happening some time by now. And because it is also a sociological advance, it's effective and the progress scale by giants steps, without having us, humans, the time to process and digest in order to make a smooth transition.

There was another era where the process of evolution in this aspects where more slowly so society even tended to stagnate for a time, seeing the changes as something very VERY different. Nowadays we don't even perceive some aspects because all is too fast, because things can be better in a short period of time, things can be more effective, in all good (personal, individual) and bad (society orchestration) meanings.



urmomaisjabbathehutt t1_ja3w6st wrote

if the item is the only blue item then it is unique in that sense, the ability for many manufacturers doing distinctive or one manufacture making many distintive objets doesn't make them less so

also if the distinctive element is chosen by or made to fit the one customer desire or needs its tailored, a company capable of producing efficciently more tailored products faster doesn't make each product not tailored

just making an example up, i.e. an artisan that produce three diferent products for three customers in 3 months without using any machine but he may be able to produce 3 different products for 3 customers in a month with the help of machines, still 3 distinctive products, still done for three diferent customers except faster

unless we are talking that there is real value in possible flaws created by the lack of precision of doing something manual vs machined

imho the confusion steems from the use of "unique", unique doesn't necesarily need to mean better, it just mean the only one with a particular feature or distinctive element, if a customer prefer that over products mass made to be exactly the same is a choice

the real "uniqueness" is something artificialy added to promote desirability and increase value, we had diamonds sold as expensive rarities, of course they aren't, and used to be that the most perfect the rock the most valuable, now we can manufacture better quality diamonds than nature, suddenly natural diamonds are being advertised as "better" for being natural with their "unique natural flaws"

however tailored add value, it can mean something done to one's specs or needs, anyone are going to chose always something that works for them based on their needs or personal choice if they can aford it than something mass manufactured that works ok for most but will never be able to fully meet every individual needs


Tomycj t1_ja55cx0 wrote

"Individuality" is too generic and can mean too many different things. I'd call it personalized content or something like that.


NowIbeezDatBlock t1_ja6hnku wrote

Idk man. The capitalist regime will end up eating itself—isn’t it odd how apple uses Amazon cloud for iCloud and apple jabs Facebook by giving the option to bar apps from tracking usage across different platforms—and google runs the entire operating systems of the android hardware-software systems, which Microsoft could’ve done but the Justice Department wanted to have a dick measuring contest over Windows 95. We could’ve had apple vs. windows vs. android in a cage match of smart phone superiority but nooooo. The same Justice Department who let Bill Clinton testify in his own defense wanted to help us from being exploited by WINDOWS 95! Thanks so much Justice Department.