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321gogo t1_ja2dgqq wrote

I don’t think people want this generally though. A huge part of media is being able to connect with others over it. On top of that most people are attached to the message the creators are trying to convey behind their art.


diaryofsnow t1_ja2f1lv wrote

Nah, I want the individualized shows. Gimme those and I'll never need a streaming service again.


321gogo t1_ja3pkbd wrote

Lol you think it’s not gonna be a service just like streaming is now?


diaryofsnow t1_ja4xr7p wrote

Of course! But that’s one I’m willing to pay for


SpinCharm OP t1_ja2fj6n wrote

There's also the unknown subset of viewers that would like to just get lost inside the alternate realities of fictional tv, disconnecting from contact with people for as long as possible. If that experience was generated and controlled by AI with no outside involvement, it could be quite addictive to some.


SilverMedal4Life t1_ja2hpbn wrote

It reminds me of this scene from Futurama:

Ignoring the obvious anti-gay propagamda parallels (which was probably the purpose of the scene to begin with), there's something to be said about disconnect with other human beings and human experiences if the artificial is preferable - or at least 'good enough'.

We see this to some extent with shut-ins, like the Japanese hikikomri:


MoiMagnus t1_ja2imhr wrote

For connecting with others, yes and no.

Yes, peoples want to connect with others. But the scale at which modern media connect us is overkill, and peoples actually seek to be part of smaller bubbles.

For examples, instead of an individual customizing their own show, imagine a streamer/youtuber doing it. Or even, imagine of group of friends doing it together, they now have a shared experience that is "unique".

As for preserving the message, yes, I agree that this is a core reason why generated content will not fully replaced the initial content. However, in the same way peoples have fun replaying a videogame with absurd mods (like a randomisers that shuffle every character), there will be a place for generated variants of shows.


RoosterBrewster t1_ja2od0t wrote

I think he's trying to describe something like a "choose your own adventure" in real-time and with essentially infinite options.


drekmonger t1_ja2q5vf wrote

Well, of course, there will be something like "holodeck modules" that are meant to be interactive. But also I think there will be more static experiences that you can optionally fiddle with.

Imagine a very dense natural language description of a changing scene that a super advanced AI is rendering in real time.


genshiryoku t1_ja2pugm wrote

I disagree with this especially due to the popularity of Youtube and Tiktok where everyone has completely different video feeds based on their own interests.

I think the recommendation engine just generating the media you want to watch is the clear next step and something that traditional media can't compete with.

I think you wanting to connect with others over shared media consumption is just a sign of our generation and not shared by Gen Z in the same way.


321gogo t1_ja3rjow wrote

I’d argue the opposite. 1. TikTok and YouTube are all popular because of the connection with the creator, much more than tv/movies. 2. These are so heavily centered around trends, which is another form of viewer to viewer connection. You feel a part of something bigger still. 3. These are still “social” media - comments and sharing are a huge part of the platform and popularity. 4. Customization takes effort from the viewer which is the opposite direction these platforms are trying to move in. The whole point of TikTok is they got rid of user discovery, lowering the barrier to entry and getting rid of the most common exit journeys for users.