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Leviathan_of-Madoc t1_ja2erik wrote

I 'm having a hard time deciding if this is categorized under Millennials are ruining X or The Atuomatic Buggy Whip will ruin old fashioned buggywhips. Shit changes and the changes brought by AI aren't yet beginning. We're just using them as toys right now. Also Craftsmanship and Originality in the 20th century was dogshit poor. Most everyone just bought one of two products at a store to fix problems and if something broke thye re-created it with the most basic parts possible. Nobody was designing things in their home 3D printer. Nobody was documenting their lives and sharing it with their fanbase. Only Rock Bands had home recording studios. No Artisanal Foods. No Artistry clothing. Absolute dead-reckoning minimal importing of foreign cultural art or craft.


SpinCharm OP t1_ja2hu1q wrote

One thing that is common among all your examples is that in each one, there were people discussing, debating, critiquing, influencing, and petitioning. We need vigorous discussion from many viewpoints. We need stimulating arguments to help inform not only other's, but our own ideas and opinions. Perspective - use it or lose it as a wise old book once taught me.