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d_gold t1_ja2jlol wrote

Agreed; advancements in photography, for example, from pin-hole cameras to digital cameras lowered barriers with every technological improvement and made photography accessible to millions/billions, but the cream still floats to the top and people can discern what they like and don’t like- deciding what is and isn’t art is human. Digital photography can be almost entirely automated in its function- the aperture, shutter speed, iso - all chosen based on math and computers. It’s the human elements of context, experience, personality, taste and interests that will separate “good” and “bad” photos.

I think AI will be wielded in a similar way- it will radically shift the speed and cost of content creation, as did the advancements of digital photography, but the curation, context and experiences they create will be shaped, interpreted and judge by humans as art or not art.


rileyoneill t1_ja2nriv wrote

Technical work gets old really fast. Art really involves tying together many human experiences and how people connect to each other. I think a major issue today is that a lot of contemporary art is over saturated junk. Its much easier for AI to do that. It will be easy to create really good looking things that have little to no meaning.