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kenlasalle t1_ja55wwv wrote

Say it with me now...

"What could possibly go wrong?!"


mrm00r3 t1_ja5d45u wrote

I guess they could help with the photography at a lot of weddings before vaporizing most of the people who’d be interested to see the shots.


wbsgrepit t1_ja5irtf wrote

I sure hope none of their targets are my doppelgänger — ffs. Also reminds me of the facial recognition service a few years ago that would match like 1/4 black men to Michael Jordan.


No-Owl9201 t1_ja5h02c wrote

Lol.... You mean apart from the elimination of all biological life on earth larger than a small pebble??


OhhhhhSHNAP t1_ja60abv wrote

Does it just include flying drones or could it also be used to support autonomous targeting missions for say… 6ft tall walking robots


Dangeresque2015 t1_ja94avp wrote

What could possibly go wrong when the AI gets aggressive and just shoots you in the face? I thought robot dogs mounted with machine guns were bad. We ain't seen nothin' yet.