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FlysDinnerSnack t1_ja5ggph wrote

I remember years ago my dad rambling on his shit about one day they are going to have AI drones with facial recognition, they will be able to keep track of everyone, and then how long until smaller stealth drones that carry a small caliber round that can get really close to you without you ever knowing and taking you out. I said dad that’s crazy talk.


raalic t1_ja95kr4 wrote

Don’t even need to carry firearms at all when you can just carry a syringe with a poison payload.


asyrin25 t1_ja9c0cm wrote

I mean, if someone really wants you dead you're as good as dead. That's just Joe Shmo able to walk down to a Sporting Goods store and buy a gun.


whitepepper t1_ja9h5da wrote

A random individual killing another individual is a bit different from mass produced seek and destroy assassination drones controlled by authority.


asyrin25 t1_jaa6c3f wrote

To the dead person?

If you're talking about the difference between a person and the government, I assure you, if the government wants you dead, they don't need murderbots.

I have full faith and confidence in the ability of the US government to end my life if they wanted to. Don't you?


Z3r0sama2017 t1_ja8k264 wrote

Seems the NSA was listening and thought, you know what, this is a brilliant idea, lets break out the slush funds!