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Initialised t1_j9y64h9 wrote

No, if you lease computers when on fails you get a same or next day swap out.


shanoshamanizum OP t1_j9y747x wrote

Not in Europe.


Initialised t1_j9y77pv wrote

Which company are you leasing with and did you also buy management with hardware monitoring?


shanoshamanizum OP t1_j9ycfvp wrote

Leasing here doesn't work that way. You get a leasing on the money not on the laptop. If the laptop is dead you still owe the money to a financial institution.


Initialised t1_j9ydrs3 wrote

I worked for and bought from companies that have lease options in Europe. If a customer has a faulty unit it gets repaired or replaced according to the terms of their SLA unless it’s physical damage. We offer additional tools for device management that can tell when a drive, battery or cooling system might be going bad to proactively target failing machines before end users notice.

The model you propose exists and your last statement is not reflected in how leasing works in Europe.

Again, what are you leasing and who from?