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lllorrr t1_j9yrai1 wrote

Eh, you can't make a truly modular product with long life in a quick innovation industry.

Take electronics for example. Your modules need some standardised bus protocol to communicate with each other. This is the base of any modular product. The problem is that those protocols are developing also. So any fixed modular architecture will drag your product behind non-modular competitors. Take storage for example. Phones evolved from parallel NAND flash to embedded MMC to UFS. Imagine that your modular product will always be limited to speeds and storage capability that were available 20 years ago.


shanoshamanizum OP t1_j9yrlg0 wrote

We are talking about 5-7 year cycles. My last 2 laptops failed in less than 3 years beyond warranty and repairability. A socketed CPU can easily last 5 years today.


PublicFurryAccount t1_ja01wzw wrote

Maybe buy a better laptop?

My 2012 MacBook Air was used for a decade, five years by me and then five years by a friend after I switched to using the iPad for everything instead for a while.