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phine-phurniture t1_j9z6i47 wrote

Planned obsolescence is mostly about greed but there certain products like Iphones and computers that have been going obsoleye due to increasing computational power... we are reaching a point where we could actually make a go of #2 but the likelihood of upper management seeing a benefit is low....

profit is the only goal for investors in general and fiduciary responsability to that goal guides the decision making process.


shanoshamanizum OP t1_j9z73yv wrote

>Planned obsolescence is mostly about greed

Unfortunately it's about decreasing purchasing power. They simply can't sell premium machines en mass like 10 years ago unless they go for new models and installments. We are still buying laptops that are 10-12 year old and that tells the whole story.


phine-phurniture t1_j9zbii9 wrote

What market? I am speaking of the us... They have managed to use the OS upgrade stream to force purchase... Here you can get a decent laptop for under 500$.


shanoshamanizum OP t1_j9zbq9z wrote

Europe. Here a decent laptop doesn't exist let alone under 500$ :D


phine-phurniture t1_ja0y64z wrote

Your online.... do you have a good postal system?

If so buy it thru cdn... newegg.... b and h photo.

If you have restrictions due to your governments actions or its own paranoia I dont know what you can do.

goto the us embassy and ask them...