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genericrich t1_j8dl3v2 wrote

Nobody has done it yet. Probably a good idea to learn to succeed at this before, say, going to Mars or something.


peregrinkm OP t1_j8dloe1 wrote

But Mars has so much iron and water that once we figure out how to do it, we could totally build a city capable of modular expansion. Like, standardize the way certain pods fit together so more can always be added on without having to retrofit incompatible designs


genericrich t1_j8dm43q wrote

Sure. But I suspect it is harder than it sounds and since nobody has succeeded in it yet, that's probably the place to start.

Won't do anybody any good to send folks to Mars so they can starve to death or otherwise die there when we could be spending time now to understand how to build a self-sufficient enclosed ecology.

(If going to Mars is even worth doing, that is. I favor space habitats myself, vs investing in expensive gravity wells.)