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earthsworld t1_j8ds1pw wrote

why is that we can't manufacture chips and circuits on the moon? what in the absolute fuck? did you just crawl out of the swamp or something? where do you people come from that you understand so little about how anything works?


guarks t1_j8dsudc wrote

Somebody needs coffee and a hug


earthsworld t1_j8e8eu4 wrote

no, i need to talk to people who aren't idiots.


Void_vix t1_j8eh8g7 wrote

You aren’t really talking; you’re ranting


annomandaris t1_j8e648x wrote

Lack of gravity plays havoc with crystal formation. It might be a lot harder to grow a workable silicon wafer on the moon without some kind of centerfuge facility.


h2opolopunk t1_j8dt8fn wrote

>why is that we can't manufacture chips and circuits on the moon?

We can't manufacture chips and circuits on the Moon for a myriad of reasons, one of which is the blasts of solar and cosmic radiation that the surface is regularly subjected to.


Matthayde t1_j8e0sim wrote

You would need radiation shielding anyway for people.. any moon base is likely to be built like a bunker


Sweet_Ad_426 t1_j8e7fdt wrote

You need extremely modern chip manufacturing equipment to manufacture the equipment to make the next generation of chips. Even if you had all the knowledge/plans for a modern chip manufacturing facility it would take you decades to build up the capabilities to manufacture your own modern chips. We could build a manufacturing plant here and transport it to the moon, after adding a ton of shielding, but it would likely be damaged in transport. You'd have to start several generations back at best to get something that could be transported safely.


peregrinkm OP t1_j8dscrs wrote

Condescension aside, I figure the necessary chips could be sent up from the earth. Once they’re installed would there really be a need for new ones?


ButterflyCatastrophe t1_j8dwbn5 wrote

Stuff breaks. Given enough time, absolutely everything breaks, and delicate microprocessors break fairly quickly. The atoms may all still be there, but you need to be able to reconstruct the original molecular and physical structure, and that's often not possible, even on earth.