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niboras t1_j8h8ms9 wrote

Sure but what if we all just individually decide to never have kids? Not degenerate,no one harmed, we all die in a generation. We dont need fancy tech for the scenario. However if we determined that tiktok was so addictive no one ever had sex we may want to regulate that. Maybe thats what OP is trying to get at but its sorta coming off as “the right people” need to decide how transhuman the creative freaky masses are allowed to get.


Chroderos t1_j8jv8qd wrote

Then our super-intelligent AI descendants take over the mantle of “human” civilization. Every parent wants to see their child exceed them, so this isn’t necessarily a bad thing. It might even be in line with what you are arguing as AI may not be subject to all the crazy sex stuff OP is opposed to and could just go on doing meaningful stuff for the future of intelligence in the universe full time.

Alternatively, we could just grow new generations in artificial wombs if necessary.


Doompug0477 t1_j8j2ry3 wrote

And so what if everyone decides to not have kids? Do you advocate forced births in order to, what? There is no objective reason to keep humanity going just to keep it going.


niboras t1_j8j4gip wrote

No just making up an example to say we have that exact possibility right now and the system as a whole still “works.” There will always be people who opt out of the gene pool. Technology doesn’t change that. But getting into peoples private lives isnt somthing we should be doing if it doest affect the broader population in a harmful way. If social media is so addictive no one is having sex, you dont force people to procreate, you regulate social media.