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Sirisian t1_j8h8gvq wrote

In Star Trek this is seen as a positive thing when used for historical reasons. A prolific writer with a detailed history is able to be reconstructed as closely as possible to have a conversation with. This is an element in a number of their Holodeck episodes. (It's also seen as taboo or maybe against regulation to generate holograms of crewmates).

As we move into a future with mixed reality the amount of data one can capture could entail most of a person's life recorded from their point of view. There will be hundreds of thousands of such archives collecting dust or used for training. Think of it like when Marion Stokes recorded old TV on VHS tapes, but this would be the real world in lightfield video formats. From a historical point of view stepping back in time where someone else lived is fascinating. Talking to them could offer very unique perspectives, very different from someone in the future.

It might be a bit weird to apply it in our time, but at some point it'll just be something that's possible. Like when you predict what your friend or spouse would say or how they'd react because you know them so well. That it's an AI doing it is different, but not really unexpected.