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MpVpRb t1_j8odz75 wrote

If it worked reliably, it would be a great thing

I suspect that once testing starts, researchers will discover that intelligence isn't nearly as simple as they speculate


Lord0fHats t1_j8oj9bj wrote

I'll keep bringing it up to illustrate how dumb this correlation is;

You can already do this with your ZIP code.


pinkfootthegoose t1_j8potye wrote

I was gonna say this. people always look for the most complex convoluted data sets to "solve" some perceived problem. Are you gonna be rich or poor? zip code!


rampantsteel t1_j8qyeck wrote

Or in this case if you can afford the test your kid will do just fine.


Lord0fHats t1_j8rj25o wrote

Or you're just throwing money away. There's no convincingly strong evidence that genetics is determinitive with intelligence. If they were, you'd think it would be more consistent than being able to directly translate success to where you were born and how much money you had available to you.

More likely what'll happen is a lot of rich aholes with become even aholier, insisting that this matters more than it does and using it as a new means of pulling the leader up from under them because the rich are always looking for a new flimsy justification for why they're better than everyone else.


modfreq t1_j8t0n3z wrote

You also don't have to be smart to go to college... and plenty of smart people don't.


Lord0fHats t1_j8t97oh wrote

Part of the issue is people erroneously equate successful with intelligent. Which is very silly. People fail upward all the time. Some have bad luck.

College isn't really about intelligence or smart. It's about education. These words are not interchangeable but at the same time they're so entangled its almost impossible to separate them down into a single factor, let alone one you can test for in DNA.


BigFitMama t1_j8pdzg0 wrote

We all know a little post traumatic stress can vastly pivot success factors just as much as being raised with a lack of resources, lack of parental contact, and and mental illness factors.

You can throw a embryo with a potential high IQ into 10 different environments/cultures and get 10 different outcomes entirely.

Kids with privilege are raised by nannies and boarding schools. Poor kids by family, grandparents, foster care, or relatives.

Either one can turn out to be a success or a criminal.


Saidear t1_j8pm63q wrote

No, I don't think it will.

Gattica wasn't a movie meant to hype such a society.


anonisko t1_j8tzxfl wrote

We already live in that kind of society.

It's just that the sorting mechanisms are drastically more crude than a DNA test.

The best sci-fi, like Gattaca, aren't great just because they present an interesting possible future to work toward or avoid, but because they exaggerate and lay bare the problems we already have in the present that are simply harder to recognize. The world of Gattaca already exists, by way of racism, sexism, caste systems, cultural and religious discrimination, etc. In fact, the film says exactly this in the open scenes with "we now have discrimination down to a science".


StarChild413 t1_j8vkakl wrote

but that doesn't mean it can't get worse, that's like saying the aspects of our society that are currently authoritarian mean 1984-as-close-as-could-realistically-happen-tech-wise could never happen as "it's technically there"


elehisie t1_j8rfny6 wrote

They seem unable to consider that one very possible outcome of this test would be a child who gets so much pressure from the parents for all their potential that they actually end up doing nothing useful with their life.


Maleus_ t1_j8saw33 wrote

Read the book "Outliers". There isn't anything to discover, this is just a cash grab for dumb people.


1-trofi-1 t1_j8qv8bw wrote

We know that allready. There is a more reliable test the zip code one, but you know. Someone is ready to make some money for rich people that believe that their wealth stems only from their skills. Nothing to do whatsoever with privilege