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Glodraph t1_j9izu5x wrote

Mice it's waaay easier than humans's all marketing for now.


heycanwediscuss t1_j9j4ap6 wrote

Yes but science is gradual. In 50 years we went from hello world to chatgpt. Probably had the tech almost 20 years ago. Of course there's marketing but it isn't always necessary to leave that angle


NONcomD t1_j9lg9kn wrote

Thats tech. In medicine we still use penicilin. Which was the first antibiotic to be discovered. We use it for 100 years. Human bodies are not digital. We dont evolve in days.


Littleman88 t1_j9jv2h9 wrote

They need the funding. Once they show provable results, the people with money will start pouring a bunch of it into the research hoping to extend their lives well beyond current standards.


Glodraph t1_j9jxtli wrote

Showing provable results is way more difficult than it seems and these new info is only to attract investors and money. It's way more difficult than altering a buch of genes (which we still can't do in a super secure, efficient and safe way) and call it a day. Most of aging also comes from food, exercise, pollution etc..good luck removing microplastics and pfas from the body even if you're a billionaire.