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vercertorix t1_ja1kd1j wrote

From what I’ve seen machine translators are not currently always clear on the jargon for each subject matter, that is, as in an example from a movie I heard, to some people a floater is a dead body taken out of the water while to some it’s someone who works as a freelancer. Similarly, different professions use the same words differently and machine translation can miss the context. Potentially it could be trained to recognize it, but might take a lot of effort and language keeps evolving. Beyond that sometimes it needs to know not to translate something, names of towns, acronyms, etc. Not saying it can’t be done, but I think that especially in professional jargon heavy documents and speech, there might be a higher concentration of word choice mistakes. Potentially, that could be helped with a simple “Profession” selector, but you’d have to build lexicons for each and keep it up to date, for every language, and if you change topics you might have to manually change. I wouldn’t make that automatic or I’m betting if they happen to use a couple words fitting another topic it might accidentally trigger a change, and suddenly you’re using nautical navigation terms, while they’re talking about cooking seafood.