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Aggravating_Kick525 t1_ja240sq wrote

Wanting to be able to do things yourself makes you a “Luddite” now? You tech bros are corny as hell.


Timbershoe t1_ja2cdk5 wrote

That is literally what a Luddite is. Someone who opposes a form of automation.

I’m really confused why you would think using the right word makes you corny or a ‘tech bro’?


Aggravating_Kick525 t1_ja4mnqg wrote

It’s corny because a lot of you are using it to mock anyone with concerns over rapidly advancing AI tech, and those who prefer to stick to traditional ways/develop their own skills. Neither of which are inherently worthy of scorn.

And Tech Bro is just a general term for a guy working/interested in Tech, which is what the vast majority of people here are, including the guy I was responding to. So I’m confused why you take objection to that term?


singularity2070 t1_ja3y08c wrote

Learning a new language takes a lot of effort and time, and not everyone has unlimited free time. by the way do you use gps when you want to go to a place you don't know or you follow maps or you ask people how to go to this place??


Aggravating_Kick525 t1_ja4hlbp wrote

You’re arguing against a straw man. I never said it’s always better to do everything yourself, only that you shouldn’t try to shame people by calling them luddites for taking pride in the skills they developed for themselves.