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NxPat t1_ja2epnm wrote

I’m married to a Japanese woman, can’t imagine daily conversations dependent upon a piece of technology. Nuance, word choice, tone, volume, intonation etc and we haven’t even touched on visual cues. Until your language app is a subconscious implant, I don’t see technology being anything more than an aid.


Fingerman2112 t1_ja2tpi2 wrote

But you still have tone and visual cues. If you’re married to someone I’d assume you share a language. Legal and sensitive diplomatic matters you might need a human. But for business, casual encounters and even most routine medical encounters bring on the Babelfish bro.


Rogermcfarley t1_ja2oeqa wrote

That's all this current AI is, a tool. There are no Victorian lamp lighters any more because electric lighting was invented. There are no VHS video stores anymore because DVDs and Blu Rays exist and whilst they co-exist most people stream There's 1000s of examples whereby technology automated or made job roles extinct and this is no different currently. We will adapt and use the tools given to us. Eventually when machines can replace so many of our roles then we'll need technology to integrate this commuting power with our biology. That is some way off being fully realised.