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HS_HowCan_That_BeQM t1_jaal3zc wrote

Not sure if there is an ad hominem attack in there. And if there is, I'm not sure whom it addresses.


Zestyclose-Ad-9420 t1_jaazxqx wrote

ok but do you think that, semantically, an AI can know stuff or only "know" stuff.


HS_HowCan_That_BeQM t1_jacz8mj wrote

Wow, I'm going to take a pass on answering. I have typed, backspaced, and re-typed my thoughts three or four times and can't come up with a reasonable definition of know vs. "know".

Even the Turing Test of intelligent behavior didn't bail me out. I don't feel qualified to venture beyond opinion as to whether the one AI I have played with, chatGPT, would truly pass the test. And whatever I have done, it is not a true Turing Test as I am not comparing chatGPT's answers to a human's answers and trying to discern the difference.