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Early_Lawfulness_348 t1_jardv4v wrote

I’m all for a good attitude but don’t let perspective skew facts otherwise you make bad choices.


Kozeyekan_ t1_jatodaa wrote

You could also argue that the guy drawing the pretty scene is being passive, accepting his position and forfeiting momentum, while the guy drawing the bars has identified the obstacle to the life he wants, and is focused on that.

But maybe that's the red bull talking...


CommanderAGL t1_jaswijj wrote

Or its an allegory for the workplace. Gotta ask why the prison is depicted


joan_wilder t1_jaur2np wrote

“When you wear rose-colored glasses, red flags just look like flags.”


cherrymasterlou OP t1_jas9mhk wrote



CB1013 t1_jat8vjy wrote

bro did a thumbs up and got downvoted


alxwx t1_jatb5o0 wrote

It doesn’t feel genuine. This doesn’t resonate with me for the above reason, yes, we should always looks for the positive but perspective is important and no two people see the world the same. Doesn’t mean either is wrong


rpxpackage t1_jatsfz2 wrote

Something I've noticed on reddit lately is that someone will make a post that gets a bunch of upvotes but any comment they make on that post get downvoted to hell


Koldtoft t1_jas4ygw wrote

Am I the only one who is impressed with how he got those two birds to stay still for his painting like that?


FUCKING__PEG__ME__ t1_jar250w wrote

They are both right


MisterRioE_Nigma t1_jarom5z wrote

And they are both wrong.


FUCKING__PEG__ME__ t1_jarpxuj wrote

Welp, that's the most valid comment I've read on Reddit today. And I've been scrolling for hours.


SpaceLemming t1_jasz156 wrote

Ignore your prison and you’ll be happy… got it


Background_Agent551 t1_jat7go5 wrote

I took it more to be about hope rather than ignoring your reality, but it could go either way.


Nezeltha t1_jatm6jj wrote

Hope is cheap. It can be a great motivator, yes. But this has nothing to do with hope. Hope would be painting the landscape around the lines of the bars. This is 100% about ignoring reality.


Background_Agent551 t1_jatm9nl wrote

That’s just… like your opinion man.


Nezeltha t1_jatmg1m wrote

My opinion becomes extremely relevant when stuff like this is used by those in power to justify their exploitative actions toward me and people like me.


Background_Agent551 t1_jatswgm wrote

People like you?


Nezeltha t1_jau5c1p wrote

Poor, disabled, queer, etc. You know, regular people. Working class. Not rich.


Background_Agent551 t1_jau7hxd wrote

Poor people can’t have hope?


Nezeltha t1_jauaxho wrote

We don't have hope. There's nothing to hope for. Hope requires the possibility of salvation, or it's just delusion.


Background_Agent551 t1_jaub24r wrote

Yeah, I think you’re conflating being poor with being pessimistic.


Nezeltha t1_jaubgxi wrote

We don't have hope. There's nothing to hope for. Hope requires the possibility of salvation, or it's just delusion.


popecollision t1_jar549l wrote

Ignore the bars, stay imprisoned. Mkay.


BrunkDartender t1_jas8kla wrote

The perspective is the same, but the one on the right is probably a more experienced artist since he is beginning the painting with the background, and if he finishes it he will add the foreground bars last. The dude on the left is going to have a more difficult time painting in between the bars and finishing the background properly without having to later touch up the bars in the foreground. It really has very little difference in perspective unless they both stay completely seated for the entirety of the painting.

I just pulled that entire statement out of my ass. I can't paint for shit.


Suyefuji t1_jaszzph wrote

Actually, a lot of artists use grids when they draw to help keep placement and proportion. The one who started with the bars will probably have a more accurate final painting.


Reds994 t1_jascpms wrote

Then one of them sharpens his brush and shanks the other.


Nicksterr2000 t1_jat1u21 wrote

The guy on the left appears to have already sharpened his...


DasVerschwenden t1_jart2w2 wrote

“The mind is its own place and, in itself can make a heaven of hell, or a hell of heaven.” – John Milton.


DanganJ t1_jas96pv wrote

This is the sort of image that leads to toxic positivity.


Mad_Gremlyn t1_jaszgcn wrote

god I hate this fuckin' sub. you guys really don't see it, do you?


ToxyFlog t1_jasyyje wrote

One is a realist, and the other is delusional.


DanteRex t1_jat97av wrote

They are both delusional. The third one would be the realist who knows the background has bars as well, and paints both. That natural beauty exists and is denied to them.


Odashi t1_jartqto wrote

That man drawing the trees has depression and he's living in denial.


afterthefactt t1_jarf5ae wrote

Neither one seem very motivated. The guy on the left is a defeatist and and the guy on the right is delusional. Maybe the guy who actually got motivated is already outside? 😂


MisterRioE_Nigma t1_jarpky2 wrote

Guy on the left has more chance of escaping. He will see the weakest point of the cement to try and pry the bars, whereas righty prefers his safe, beautiful, fantasy land. And if either of them had any intelligence, they would take their top off, piss on it, wrap it and tie it around two bars, snap off a leg of the chair, use the leg as a handle to twist the wet cloth until the bars bend. seeing the world either way is fine. But intelligence is the thing you need to succeed.


TinyBurbz t1_jasjitw wrote

/r/badfacebookmemes material here.


RJT_RVA t1_jasnrxw wrote

Some real toxic positivity energy here.


MartianActual t1_jasostm wrote

Fun fact: After doing their paintings they were still in prison.


Legitimate-Builder82 t1_jar7rjr wrote

Saw off your leg and see yourself as an Olympic gold medalist runner. Works every time.


youredoingWELL t1_jasrukt wrote

One could also call the one on the right complacent and docile. Again, perspective.


Gyoza-shishou t1_jat6xhx wrote

You do realize they're both still in a jail cell, right?


Trips-Over-Tail t1_jat77uq wrote

Yes, be good little worker bees and appreciate the scraps you get. The corn you pick out of the stools of animals tastes fine if you rinse it well enough. Your cup overfloweth. Don't look up.


Chelle-marie t1_jaub4gd wrote

hmm, I actually like this. There are many situations in life where people are, in fact, completely trapped and powerless in a situation and the only power they possess is in the arena of their mind. To me, this does not exemplify false hope or delusion, it seems like he has acknowledged the reality of his situation and the only power he possessed was his choice to focus on the bars or look at the trees.

It's a nice idea - it takes a force of will that greatly exceeds anything that I possess.


adampsyreal t1_jat0lcc wrote

How you look at it is shaped by life's experiences.


Motormouse_Autocat t1_jat55sb wrote

Two men look through the same set of bars. One sees mud and the other sees stars.


NikthePieEater t1_jav7t4u wrote

I want to go deeper and appreciate how this comic isn't about comparison, but creating, regardless of your outlook. "Beauty is in the eye of the beholder" is a saying similar to this one. If one finds expression in the bars, and one the landscape beyond, who can say which one instills deeper meaning to the artist? The point is to create.


Sky-Hi1111 t1_javllu1 wrote

And some people have a shit view


mimsoo777 t1_jar6tre wrote

I see cracks on the wall. Maybe an escape opportunity?


Funduk007 t1_jas26sh wrote

The are both in prison though.


kharjou t1_jas8ovu wrote

Both are delusional.


daoluong t1_jasjwkr wrote

the one on the left could sold for 5mil


d20nipples t1_jasloio wrote

One has myopic astigmatism and the other's is hyperopic.


therealdavi t1_jasm5pu wrote

yet both of them are still in prison


orfeo34 t1_jasm5ym wrote

Does it mean people don't like De Stijl?


MisterSecks t1_jat2cvk wrote

They are serving life sentences for 1st degree murder


arkencode t1_jat3k1k wrote

Someone should send this to Andrew Tate.


SrBlueSky t1_jat6l9l wrote

This is like the shitty version of the two guys one the bus, but one stares at the rocks and the other looks out at nature. At least the bus guys were in a neutral situation. This makes it seem like we should just ignore our surroundings in favor of focusing on something out of reach. Super fucked up.


pankreska t1_jat8t9d wrote

nearsighted vs. farsighted :)


HugeDangus t1_jat93sb wrote

But perspective doesn't change the fact that they're both in prison.

You know, ironically, this cuts right to the core of the problem with these kinds of message. Ultimately, yes, you can just have a bad time. Sometimes life sticks you behind metaphorical bars.

It's okay to look at the bars.


S1KRR_19 t1_jat9azh wrote

And yet you’re still in a prison


ADwarfsMidget t1_jate9nj wrote

"Frank i know we had fun at the beach today but im trying to explain why these bars dont keep the cold out at night stop painting the fucking sun and focus"


MercenaryBard t1_jatiknp wrote

Ok now do one where they’re on a sinking boat, and one is focusing on the hole sinking the boat, and the other is blithely enjoying the sunset


MessyAsian t1_jatkfio wrote

i mean if you are intentionally leaving out whats actually there ...your lying to yourself...whether its in good faith or not


CyberneticPanda t1_jatll1v wrote

There is a prison on San Francisco Bay that has a giant wall on the bay side so the prisoners don't have a nice view. I think about that a lot.


Nezeltha t1_jatlvzl wrote

One paints a picture of a real and present issue, the other paints exactly what the people who put them in a cage want them to think about.


TheBaikIvan t1_jatnjh8 wrote

Still in a 6 by 8 when you done painting...


MightyMississippi t1_jatt0ke wrote

Yeah, but they're both still in prison, aren't they?


rik_khaos t1_jattns5 wrote

Neither picture is reality.


overgenji t1_jau86vh wrote

god i hate this stupid fucking site sometimes lmfao


OperationClippy t1_jav67l3 wrote

Fat/bald guys always getting portrayed like this smh


justkostya_ t1_javbo6o wrote

I see a little depressed city in Belarus, where my mood depends on weather. Where the sun rarely peeks out from behind the clouds.


Balls_McDangley t1_javdc79 wrote

A visionary would paint himself on the other side of the bars.


Manuverse_space t1_javew72 wrote

There is a third person also who paints the scenery with the bars.


RNG_BackTrack t1_javha9b wrote

If you drawing pictures inside of a prison cell theres something wrong with your view of the word


ShivStone t1_javmwok wrote

Still..., no one got it right.

And they both picked up the soap in the shower room that day.


Budget-Cattle6625 t1_jawdvje wrote

Plot twist the guy on the right murdered 37 children and crippled 5