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czechmixing t1_jbcpfn0 wrote

Forgot Luck. Success is hugely dependent on luck


SpiritStriver90 t1_jbhdc44 wrote

When it comes to the elite, yes - for everyone seriously vying for it is already quite likely working at the top of their game. But that just comes down to the question of what "success" does and should mean for you personally.


czechmixing t1_jbhdizn wrote

Respect to that. That is true. A lot of people confuse success with being a trillionaire. Thanks for the reminder


Guardian1030 t1_jbcgaod wrote

Inb4 Reddit jumps all over this to explain how this is wrong and the primary ingredient in the recipe for success is luck.

It’s totally not an effort to excuse mediocrity. Not at all. You can only be successful if you’re born into it or lucky.

That’s the only way. Reddit told me.

All those hard working people, lucky. They didn’t do anything extraordinary. All their efforts? Useless. It was just luck.

EDIT In case anyone didn’t grasp the sarcasm:

"Luck is what happens when preparation meets opportunity." - Seneca

“Chance favors the prepared mind." - Louis Pasteur


glacier-K t1_jbekl8p wrote

Why all big companies are in USA not Rwanda?


Mr_Monji t1_jbeq1qj wrote

Im gonna learn how to write with my left hand


lexliller t1_jbg8tbr wrote

Theres luck also. Smh.


SpiritStriver90 t1_jbhd450 wrote

And in the beginning at least, it's also learning what exactly you want to do and to have a point of focus. (I am kinda jealous of those Olympic athletes, not because they work hard so much as because they KNEW what they wanted from the youngest age and didn't worry about opportunity cost). And practicing deliberately, meaning you are consciously aware of what parts of the skill are missing and adjusting your practice accordingly.


Proper_Mortgage_1538 t1_jbdssrc wrote

and also if want to be successful you have to work in those days that you feel you don't want to work


USMCord t1_jbc9s2n wrote

Nailed it!