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AmargithHuld t1_jbe0keo wrote

Reply to comment by vamanaswk in Hidden Gem [image] by ChefGirlRD1738

And, that’s when I cut him out of my life, your Honor.

I hear ya, though. Took me 5 years and there’s still pressure to ‘make up’.

This shit is never fucking easy.


chevymonza t1_jbhmx97 wrote

Sigh, members are difficult to eliminate from one's life entirely. Forced to cross paths now and then.


AmargithHuld t1_jbim3wq wrote

I hear you.

I was «lucky»

I was taken abroad by my husbands promotion, so I only see them when I go back.

About 2 years ago, I made it clear i was no longer interested in seeing my father or his side of the family, so I stopped flying over for Christmas.

Now I only go back for my mom and friends and during an event for her side of the family, where I endure my brothers - for now.

We’ll see how long that lasts.

But honest - it’s lifted a weight off my shoulders in a way I wasnt expecting.

And I finally get to enjoy the Yuletide ❤️

100% recommend ;)


chevymonza t1_jblssc5 wrote

That sounds wonderful!! I tried to move to Europe after my first visit in my early twenties. Didn't work out, but I've been telling my husband that if his company ever has jobs over yonder, that he needs to consider it!


or10r t1_jbilcy6 wrote

Bravo. I don't see this text saying that you should put up with bad behavior from the people in your life. Get clear of them. Just don't look for them to try and amend the harms they have done to you. Let them go. You cant run the race of life you are called to run carrying heavy burdens. Life is far too short and far too precious for that.