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Smart-Car9019 t1_jbmwl5a wrote

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The thing is her ex has been a bitch to her, used her only for physical purpose on the context of a relationship while she thought the otherwise. She dumped his ass ass right away but she's still not able to overcome the trauma he has given her. She admits that she likes me alot but the thing is i don't know if it's right to continue this relationship because I genuinely like her alot, met someone like her after a long time that i felt such connection with. I just wanna get her out of this truama.


Smart-Car9019 t1_jbmwrtd wrote

And i don't like her because she's dealing with this shit, i liked before she even told me abt this ex.


Ligsters t1_jbmxjmx wrote

It’s all encompassed in what I wrote. Reread it carefully if any of it doesn’t make sense, but I don’t have the time or energy to dissect a relationship outside of my work. Just sharing my knowledge, hope it helps.


Smart-Car9019 t1_jbn1z3c wrote

Thnk you for taking your time. Appreciate it. Will give it some time on what u said. Cheers!