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IDontTrustGod t1_jbi11ci wrote

Love this, great visualizations! I feel like a lot of people could really benefit from some of these, especially the sexuality one


scifishortstory t1_jbim5w6 wrote

Yes, but to be fair I think the sexuality one is kind of exaggerated. It sort of implies that the majority of people are bi, which isn’t the case


Hargelbargel t1_jbiqhgk wrote

Not necessarily. To me it the left picture means "pervert or pure." I think there's a lot of stuff that isn't quite "same-race-heterosexual-lights-off-missionary" that people can do and not have to feel ashamed of.


skatmanjoe t1_jbkjzsq wrote

I understand it more along the lines of masculinity/femininity. Everyone has both masculine and feminine traits, generally man have more masculine traits and women more feminine traits, but its always a mix. A similar idea is represented by the ying-yang symbol in Eastern religions.